The Way to Flat Four Studios

The story of a girl's love affair with rows upon rows of hanging slippers at a Turkish bazaar and how to update them for a city life.

Flat Four Studio Girl Hanging Slippers
She grew up with the ancient Acropolis on her doorstep, walked through the leafy meadows of Hyde Park and braved the bitter winters of Saint Petersburg.

It was her father's career as a basketball coach that first made her eye wander, finally bringing her to the southern edges of Turkey.

Enchanted by the rustling sounds and pervading aromas of a grand bazaar, her mind began to sketch.

Rows upon rows of slippers, hanging in a delightfully eclectic disarray, became her magic carpet.

Flat Four Studio Girl with Shoe
She was no princess, yet trying them on felt like walking on air.

What if the slippers became a shoe?

What if the thousands of years of knowledge that went into developing them didn't have to get lost with the last generation or works-men?

What if... this girl was onto something?

Flat Fours were born on that very raggedy, sun-kissed ground of Gaziantep.

Its skill and tradition live on, with her, and made for you – wherever your wanderlust may take you.


Flat Four Studios Bazaar